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Crimson Glory has released three full length albums, an EP and a single.

Crimson Glory(self-titled)
Released: 1986(Europe)
Songs: 1.Valhalla 2.Dragon Lady 3.Heart of Steel 4.Azrael 5.Mayday  6.Queen of the Masquerade 
7.Angels of War 8.Lost Reflection
9.Dream Dancer(cassette version only)
Dream Dancer(2 song 12 inch)
Songs: 1. Dream Dancer
2. Lost Reflection(remix)

Released: 1988
Songs: 1.Lady of Winter 2.Red Sharks 3.Painted Skies 4.Masque of the Red Death 5.In Dark Places 6.Where Dragons Rule 7.Lonely 8.Burning Bridges 9.Eternal World 10.Transcendence

Lonely(maxi-single from Japan)
Released: 1989
Roadrunner Records, RR 2448 2
Songs: 1. Lonely (re-mix) 2. In Dark Places 3. Dream Dancer

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Strange and Beautiful
Released: 1991
Songs: 1.Strange and Beautiful 2.Promise Land 3.Love and Dreams 4.The Chant 5.Dance on Fire 6.Song for Angels 7.In the Mood 8.Starchamber 9.Deep Inside Your Heart 10.Make You Love Me 11.Far Away

Release date: Sept 13(Europe) Oct. 5 1999(USA)

Songs: 1. March to Glory  2.War of the Worlds 3.New World Machine 
4. Astronomica 5. Edge of Forver 6. Touch the Sun 7. Lucifer's Hammer
8.The Other Side of Midnight 9. Cyber-Christ 10.Cydonia

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