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The latest information on the band!

October 31st, 2003

Happy Halloween/Samhain boys and girls!

Big big news!!

On behalf of Midnight, myself, and fellow webmaster Juggernaut, as of Oct 31st, 12:01AM, I am pleased to announce the opening of The Midnight Mansion! This is Midnight's new official website! Come join us!

Also, news from the Ben Jackson Group camp- they are currently in studio recording their second album "All Over You". Stay tuned for more details!

June 19th, 2003

Holy cow I cannot believe how many people I get that drop by here. I checked my usage stats and saw almost 5000 hits have been made this month. Somehow I don't think there all to check out my personal page.. lol!  Anyways... onto the good stuff:

For those of you who do not know yet... Midnight has returned!  A fellow Mid fan and myself are working on a new site that when it's finished will be very large and fitting of  the "Man of Mystery".  As soon as the official page is up and running I will post it here- so keep checking back!

Also, some other info to pass along- Ben Jackson is currently working on a second album with The Ben Jackson Group. Not sure when it will be coming out, but stop into his website for more info.

April 4, 2003

Ok... Once again I've dropped off the planet... well- at least off the internet planet. More like I've been on here but I haven't felt like updating my websites in ages. I damn near fell off my chair when I saw how many hits I've gotten on this site... wow :) Big thrill for me.. hehe. Anyways, I actually decided to update the site per request of Jeff Lords, who now has his own thing going on by the name of G-Lock. I haven't listened to them yet, but hey, it's a former CG-ite, so it has to rock!  Take a look!

Speaking of which, Ben Jackson has his own band as well: The Ben Jackson Group. Very cool site and good music too. Check out their picture section- TONS of photos you haven't seen before(trust me) 

Lessee...  Other things of interest.

 If you haven't heard, there is an album out by the name of Genius Rock Opera. Daniele Liverani created this story, and Midnight plays the part of Maindream. I haven't gotten this yet, but every review of it has raved about Mid's voice. Yep, he still has it!

The new official  website of CG is 
I won't even begin to go into the last two years and what went on with Mid's website(s) and forums. Those of you who were there, know what I mean. No sense stirring up the dust. Let's just keep it at this:  Midnight does not have a website presently. If you didn't get "M", you probably never will, unless you buddy up with those of us who did and beg for a copy.  He is also for all intents and purposes indisposed and no one that I know has any idea when he will, or if he will pop back up.

Other than that, all I'll say is that Mid, if you're reading this from wherever you are... I wish you well and hope to hear from you sometime in this eternity :) You still have more friends than you'll ever know.

On a non CG-related note..
I want to express my condolences to those who lost loved ones in the RI Station Nightclub Fire. I'm also a huge Great White fan, so this struck me particularly hard, to the point I was watching way too much news for the week to two weeks following the fire. With that said... I also wish to express my opinion on blame. I will not say that Great White is completely innocent, but I don't believe it was the band members directly. As far as I know, they don't handle all the fine print details before they play in any given place, nor are they the ones who set up or fire off the pyros. I do think most of the blame is on the clubowners, for a whole list of reasons ranging everywhere from being particularly incooperative with the investigation, to probably overjamming the club, to the fact they knowingly purchased a cheap flammable foam to use in a club that served alcohol, allowed smoking, and the icing- had no sprinklers. It was a death trap... it could have been anyone playing there when the club's luck ran out. I could write a 3 page letter on this, but I'll leave it short. The biggest reason I feel compelled to voice out on this is that I could not believe how utterly cruel and callous some people are, not to mention the threats that I saw on band members/record agents lives in some of the forums around the net and on AOL. People left hate messages on Ty Longley's guestbook. For god sakes, he died too... you think the band planned all this??  I saw the same thing happened after Dale Earnhardt died, threatening Sterling Marlin's life. Just makes me sick people are like that.

Anyways... ba deeb ba de deeb...blah blah blah.... that's all folks :)

July 06, 2001

I've been gone for quite a whille for personal reasons and for all intents and purposes dropped off the face of the musically-informed planet. For this I apologize, and thank you for those who continued to check here on occasion. After doing a little poking around over the last several days through various Crimson Glory sites, I've come to the conclusion I've obviously missed quite a bit. I have no idea what is going on with, or for that matter which is of new knowledge to me. Seems as if most of the board (at least what I read of it) has turned into more of a finger-pointing and all-out war zone. What happened to the band? I don't know. I haven't been in contact with any of the band or band/related folks in over 2 years. From what I could gather out of all the hoopla and mumbo jumbo out there, The band split, temporarily, or not, Wade went somewhere else, Jon got married, and the band, if it is still together, is on hold. I take everything I hear with a grain of salt, simply because I've heard stories that are complete opposites of one another and half the time I don't know what to think anymore!

On a better note... I'm happy to say that Midnight has returned to us!!! That was truly a great surprise to come across in my travels the last few weeks! I've always been intrigued by his mysteriousness and, of course, there's the voice!  He's working on an EP, and has a website up- run by the former designer and webmaster. I figure most of you have already been there, but for those who haven't- the address is People, I know most of you are big fans of Midnight, and he needs all of us to let him know we are out here!!! The EP is already available for pre-order- so get over there and order it!!!!

I'm considering putting the posting board back up... as soon as I get my bearings in the html world again(like I said, it's been awhile). That way I know who's visiting here and you can leave your comments. However, if I do it I warn you now- anybody starts bashing or fingerpointing or whatever that crazy crap over at the other sites is... I'll close it right back down... which I'd really like to avoid.

August 30, 1999

All kinds of stuff going on right now! This page hasn't been updated much due to lack of time and *PMS* of the server ;) I'm still working on the discussion board- may have to take it down and redo it. Anyways, more pertinent info:

Release dates- September 13 for Europe(including a limited editon version containing 3 live tracks) and October 5 for the States. Check out the discography and lyrics sections!!! Official lineup: Wade Black- vocals, Jon Drenning- guitar, Ben Jackson- guitar, Jeff Lords- bass. and Steve "Doc" Wacholz- drums
E-mail the band at
Look soon for the Official Crimson Glory page- set to launch in the very near future!! More details to come on that...
The band has already done several interviews for European magazines(anyone who gets them please scan me a copy)

July 19, 1999

    Astronomica has been set for an August 10th release date on Spitfire Records. The official track listing is as follows:

1. March to Glory
2. War of the Worlds
3. New World Machine
4. Astronomica
5. Edge of Forever
6. Touch the Sun
7. Lucifer's Hammer
8. The Other Side of Midnight
9. Cyber-Christ
10. Cydonia

There will be more information as soon as I get it on the new release... including photos possibly! Also, Ben Jackson has returned~ more on this soon as well!

May 22, 1999

    I just got finished going on a URL submission rampage. With any luck this will draw some more people to this site and get it's popularity going. I'd like to see the discussion board get moving a little, of course a new album release I'm sure would boost it even more :::grin::: Still waiting for more news on the release, haven't heard anything lately.
    If anyone has or knows of a place I may be able to obtain any CG midis, please e-mail me at I'd like to put some background music on here. Also anyone with images, stories, etc... I'd love to build on this site- e-mail me!!!

April 18, 1999

In the April 9 issue of Goldmine magazine, there was an article called "25 heavy-duty metal albums" by Bryan Reesman. The lead paragraph says "the following list is not meant as the ultimate heavy metal album guide but rather as a listing of highly recommended and often overlooked releases, many of which did not receive the appropriate accolades the first time around."

The albums are listed in alphabetical order and No. 5 reads as such:

5. Crimson Glory -- Trancendence (Roadracer/MCA). Long before prog metal became popular in underground circles in the '90s, Florida's Crimson Glory were practicing their Queensrychian brand of epic metal. Trancendence features possibly the first metal song surrepticiously referencing AIDS ("Masque Of The Red Death") and one of the most mesmerizing power ballads ever written ("Burning Bridges").

The other albums making the lists are:

Accept -- Metal Heart King Kobra -- Ready to Strike
Baron Rojo -- En Un Lugar De La Marcha Loudness -- Soldier of Fortune
Black Sabbath -- Paranoid Manowar -- Sign of the Hammer
Celtic Frost -- To Mega Therion Motorhead -- Another Perfect Day
Dokken -- Tooth & Nail Queensryche -- Rage for Order
Doro -- Force Majeure Running Wild -- Death or Glory
Fight -- Mutations Slayer -- Hell Awaits
Icon -- Night of the Crime Uriah Heep -- Head First
Iron Maiden -- Number of the Beast Virgin Steele -- Noble Savage
Judas Priest -- Stained Class Warlord -- The Best of Warlord
Kickaxe -- Vices Warrior -- Fighting for the Earth

March 23, 1999
Just an update...

Haven't heard much lately, unfortunately the album has been pushed back again. Have faith though- what I've heard of it has been good- so it will be worth it when it finally arrives. Don't believe the ads you see for any version of Astronomica(or IV in some mags) It has NOT been released... even in Europe or Japan.

Dec. 13, 1998
From my friend and fellow Crimson fan, Adam Perkowsky:

"I just got off the phone with Jon Drenning, guitarist and leader of Crimson Glory. The new album (with new lead vocalist Wade Black) is finished, but it will not be released until the band is signed to an American record deal. Jon wants to release the album on the same day all around the world. CG already has record deals with Rising Sun in Europe, King Records in Japan and Rock Records for the rest of Asia. All that's needed is a U.S. deal, and that seems to be coming real soon. It is expected that the album will be released sometime in March.

The title will be "Astronomica" and here are the song titles:
Touch the Sun (which is the mp3 that's floating around)
New World Machine
The Other Side of Midnight (Part II of Lost Reflection from the debut album)
March to Glory (an instrumental)
Lucifer's Hammer
Sydonia (described as the epic of the album)
The Edge of Forever"

...more to come!


Last updated on October 31, 2003