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Shadow's Art Gallery


Here's a few links to miscellaneous stuff I've done. 
They're here mostly because the images are too large to put on a normal page. If you're interested, please be patient as they download ;)

Computer Art:

Kaleidoscope~ This one works best if you have a fast modem/computer that's gif-friendly.

Tears are the Blood of a Broken Heart

Orbs~ first thing I  ever did with Bryce

Innocent Kitty~ 3D Studio Max.. amazing, but very trying software... I won't tell you how many times I've crashed the computer from it

Table~ Yet another 3D Max adventure...

Rose~ ...and another... I like this one though

Glass w/crystals~ 8/4/01 I finally bother to read instructions for Bryce.... Booleans are fun :) (This one takes a long time to load!)

Shadowland~ the image on my main page

Lexicon~ Toying with an album cover concept (something that interests me)

Cloaked~ Done as an image for my profile on a site.... 

Fractals~ In general I don't like them, but I found a particular style that I love, and have been fooling around with them ever since.

Depth (blue/violet)     Sunset (red/orange)     Thistleberry (blue/red)    Talon (purple/silver)

Dragonfire~ another interpretation of the Thistleberry fractal... psychedelic rorshach test


Some traditional pencil and paper type stuff:
Most of these are just sketches and forgive the fact they are not excellent quality. The majority of what I do is reliant upon a photo,  I don't trace it- but I either free hand sketch from the photo or I graph it(remember those graph a pic things in coloring books?)


Burmese~ Oil Cray-pas

Rum Tum Tugger from Cats(at least I think it's him)~ Oil Cray-pas

Face~ Pencil (though I tweaked the eyes and mouth with photoshop...added a little color to see what it would look like)

Wolf~ Pencil

Sitting Cat~ Pencil

Tiger(unfinished)~ Pencil

Samantha~ Pencil  (this is a completely free-hand, no photo drawing) Sam was a dear pet of mine who I caught sleeping on my bed one day.
                  She was taken under mysterious circumstances and sadly missed.... rest in peace...

Lady in Wait~ Pencil (another completely free-hand, no photo sketch) I was just bored one day...


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