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"What's Lying Around in Shadow's Closet"
The nowhere near complete collection...
(FYI- this has not been updated in AGES, and I'm too tired to do it right now.. lol)

*indicates some of my favorites

A Cat-Shaped Hole in My Heart (various for Feline Leukemia  awareness)*

Belinda Carlisle~ Heaven on Earth

Black Lab~- Your Body Above Me*

Bob Rivers Twisted Christmas Box Set*

Bon Jovi~ 
Slippery When Wet*, New Jersey, Keep the Faith, Cross Road, Crush* , Bounce*

Cats~ Original Broadway Cast

Cinderella~ Heartbreak Station, Once Upon A...

City of Angels Soundtrack*

Crimson Glory~ 
Crimson Glory ST*, Dream Dancer EP- (vinyl and damn proud to have it!!), Transcendance*, Strange and Beautiful, Astronomica

Cure~ Galore

Damn Yankees~ 
Damn Yankees ST, Don't Tread on Me

Danger Danger~ Screw It!

Def Leppard~ 
High and Dry, Pyromania*, Hysteria*, Adrenalize, Retroactive, Vault, Slang*, Euphoria , X*

Depeche Mode~ Violator

Destiny’s End~ Breathe Deep the Dark

Dio~ Lock Up the Wolves

Dokken~ The Very Best of Dokken

Dream Theater~ 
Images and Words*, A Change of Seasons, Awake, Falling Into Infinity 

Enuff Z'nuff~ Strength

Enya~  Watermark, Shepherd Moons*

Erotic Liquid Culture~ ELC ST

Europe~ Europe 1982-1992*

Faith No More~ 
The Real Thing, Angel Dust, Album of the Year

Fates Warning~ 
Parallels, Chasing Time, Perfect Symmetry, A Pleasant Shade of Gray*

Firehouse~ Firehouse ST*

Giant~ Last of the Runaways*

Glenn Danzig~ Black Aria*

Goo Goo Dolls~ A Boy Named Goo, Dizzy Up the Girl

Great White~ 
Great White, Once Bitten..., ...Twice Shy, Hooked, Sail Away*, The Best of Great White*, Can’t Get There From Here

Guns n Roses~ 
Use Your Illusion 1 (see Ozzy comment)

Hard Rock Cafe's 80's Heavy Metal

Helloween~ The Time of the Oath

Iced Earth~ Days of Purgatory, The Dark Saga*, Something Wicked This Way Comes , Horror Show,  Tribute to the Gods

INXS~ Kick

Iron Maiden~ Seventh Son of a Seventh Son*

Greatest Hits, Time3*, Trial By Fire* , Arrival

Kamelot- Dominion, Eternity

Kenny G~ Greatest Hits, Miracles*

Kenny Loggins~ Return to Pooh Corner

Labyrinth~ Return to Heaven Denied

Liquid Tension Experiment~ ST*

Lita Ford~ Lita

Living In Oblivion~ 80's Hits

Lord Bane~ Age of Elegance

Loreena McKennitt~ The Book of Secrets*

Lynch Mob~ Wicked Sensation

Magnitude 9~ Chaos to Control*

Mariah Carey~  #1’s

Marty Friedman~ Scenes*, Introduction

Countdown to Extinction, Hidden Treasures, Youthanasia, Cryptic Writings

Kill 'Em All, Master of Puppets*, Ride the Lightning*, And Justice for All, Metallica*, Load, Re-Load 

Mike Patton~ Prazo Oltranzista

Mike Tramp~ Capricorn

Morgana Lefay~ The Secret Doctrine*, Past Present Future

Mötley Crüe~ Dr. Feelgood

Mr Big~ Lean Into It, Bump Ahead

Nelson~ After the Rain

Nevermore~ The Politics of Ecstasy, In Memory, Dreaming Neon Black*

Nine Inch Nails~ The Downward Spiral

Nirvana~ Nevermind, Unplugged in NY

Nitzerebb~ Belief

Bark at the Moon*, Tribute (As with many other artists/bands, I never got many/any of the albums because everyone else has them so I listen to theirs!)

Paradise Lost~ Draconian Times, One Second*

Parish~ Envison

Pearl Jam~ Ten

Pink Floyd~ 
Meddle, Wish You Were Here*, The Wall*, Dark Side of the Moon, Works, Animals, Momentary Lapse of Reason*, Delicate Sound of Thunder*, The Division Bell*,  Pulse*

Look What the Cat Dragged In, Open Up and Say Ahh, Flesh and Blood, Native Tongue, Crack a Smile

Ps˙co Drama~ 
The Illusion*, Bent

Queensr˙che EP, Rage for Order*, The Warning, Operation Mindcrime*, Empire*, Promised Land, Hear in the Now Frontier, Q2K , Tribe

Ratt~ Ratt n Roll

Richard Marx~ Repeat Offender

Robert Plant~ Now and Zen, Fate of Nations

Saigon Kick~ The Lizard

Sanctuary~ Refuge Denied

The Dungeons Are Calling, Sirens, Hall of the Mountain King*, Gutter Ballet*, Edge of Thorns*, Streets, Handful of Rain*, Dead Winter Dead,  Wake of Magellan

Sebastian Bach and Friends~ Bring Em’ Bach Alive

Shadow Gallery~ Carved in Stone*, Tyranny*

Skid Row~ Skid Row ST*, Slave to the Grind*, Subhuman Race

Stick it to Ya*, The Wild Life, Revolution, Eternal Live, Back to Reality

Smashing Pumpkins~ Mellancollie and the Infinite Sadness*

Soul Asylum~ Grave Dancer's Union, Let Your Dim Light Shine

Spead Eagle~ Spread Eagle ST

Stabbing  Westward~ Wither Blister Burn & Peel, Darkest Days

Steelheart~ Steelheart ST, Tangled in Reigns , Wait

Steve Perry~ Street Talk, For the Love of Strange Medicine

Sting~ Fields of Gold- the Best of Sting*

Sweet F.A.~ Stick to your Guns

Tears For Fears~ Tears Roll Down

Tesla~ The Great Radio Controversy ,

Thompson Twins~ Greatest Hits

Tora Tora~ Wild America

Trans-Siberian Orchestra~ Christmas Eve and other Stories*, The Christmas Attic*, Beethoven’s Last Night

Triumph~ Edge of Excess

Trixter~ Trixter ST, Hear!

Type O Negative~ October Rust, World Coming Down

U2~ Rattle and Hum*, Achtung Baby*, Zooropa 

Us and Them~ Symphonic Pink Floyd

Various~ Roadrunner Rarities(Roadrunner Records artists)

Van Halen~ For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, Right Here Right Now Live

W.A.S.P. ST,  The Last Command, The Crimson Idol*,  Still Not Black Enough, K.F.D, Double Live Assassins*, Helldorado

Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinkin Rich, Cherry Pie, Dog Eat Dog, Belly to Belly

White Lion~ 
Fight to Survive, Big Game*, Pride*, Mane Attraction, Greatest hits

Whitesnake~ Whitesnake's Greatist Hits

Winger~ Winger ST,  In the Heart of the Young