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~*~Odds and Ends~*~

All of my other favorite sites out there...

Art Pages
Ladyhawke's Schim Schimmel Gallery
Lots of artwork by Schimmel

Cartoon stuff
Pooh Resource Page
All kinds of links for Winnie the Pooh (and Tigger too!)
Great page full of links for Animaniac lovers...

Webpage/miscellaneous utilities
Dragon's Animation Gallery
All sorts of animated gifs
Lilli's Eye on the Net
Links to all kinds of helpful stuff

Truly Bizarre...
Connect-Time's Dumpster Diver!
C'mon... you *know* you want to send that special someone some *real* SPAM mail- click this and go! While you're at it- check out...
Land of Lost Socks
::sniff:: Uh.... does this one belong to you?
Bert is Evil!
I have yet to figure out what possessed these people to do this...
but it's funny anyway!

Virtual Dessert Machine
Why not? Make someone a sundae!

Electronic cards

Hallmark Electronic Greetings
*When you care enough to send the very best...*
but you don't fell like getting up off you tush and going to the store! :::grin:::

Send an animal/plant/animated e-card... every card you send donates money to the Word Wildlife Fund(WWF)

The Digital Postcard
Another good card site