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I watch from the shadows
looking out towards your light beyond
Hoping, praying for the day that you come to take my hand

and lead me into your world


But then I see her
as she does her dance for you
Twisting emotions with stories and lies

entangling and and persuading you with her spell
A tale so believable that at times even she can't remember

the difference between her facts and her fallacies
Yet the blackness beneath still surrounds her

and the aura stings my heart and rips me to the bone


My tears flow freely and I start to drown
waterfalls of my emotions crashing down
I stand here naked and cold before your gaze

With nothing to hide all that I am is at your mercy
I have shown you what lies within me

my heart, my secrets, my weaknesses, my love
We speak of the same love you bear for me

and we both feel our spirits call, pleading for union
Yet when she calls you turn from me

and leave my exposed soul to the salt of my tears
And she takes you to be led through her dance again

to be seduced by a spell of what you want to believe


If I bled for you
would you then see the truth?
Would you hold my heart in you hands

and comfort it and nurse it back to life
Or would you let it fall to the floor to wash it away
   like the withered petals of a rose never bloomed...