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"Deep Inside(Exile)"


This is my exile
Alone and confused
Hurt not by intention
But by shear avoidance

Why these chains
That bind me down
Why can I not be free
To show my truth

Visions of you
Float through me like a ghost
Warmth when you are near
Then cold as you pass me by

Why not stay a while
Explore what lies within
Let me prove that I speak
Nothing but my heartís desires

Do you fear love so much
To never touch it again
To push it away
For fear of pain and control

You looked away
As I searched within
Wanting to reach you
To touch your soul

 I try patiently
To understand the whys
To back away
So you wonít want to run

I fear I have wronged
Through my actions
That my secret revealed
Has scared you away forever

 I have failed in my desire
To be able to show you my heart
To touch you the way I dream to touch you
To give you what lies deep inside