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"The Eternal Dance"

The sky is beautiful tonight
as we lie in our secret place-
A small clearing within a forest,
In the meadow by the lake.
The outer trees blocking all from which we run
from our sights
And enclosing us within
our dreamworld.
Finally alone-
You, I, and our solitude.

The full moon has risen
the clouds a silvery blue in itís light
The stars breaking though in a patchy mystique 
that entrances us in itís beauty.
The light shimmers and  dances
gently atop the waterís surface.
And the sparkling of it catches
in our eyes.

And you look at me,
and I look at you.
And without a sound,
we begin to speak-
a story of romance, dreams, fantasy.
A thousand words contained
within a single glance
Yet every word heard
within our hearts...

Realizing the power,
we embrace.
So strongly we hold on,
like our hearts had found
at long last-
What each had so desperately
Searched for.
A blessed reunion-
truth of heart and emotion,
Risen above
this chaotic world of deceit
to reach a higher plateau- found within.

Our eyes meet once again,
and we stare into the depths of our souls
We look into the mirror of each other
and see a fire that burns so bright.
For words cannot always explain,
what the heart can reveal.
The flames within
show through like an inferno,
feeding upon the fuel of emotion
Growing more intense
with every moment

Looking towards the sky;
we see the heavens looking back at us
in tranquil observation
And when we touch,
the feeling sends chills of excitement through me

I feel your lips
softly brush against my neck.
my fingers gently on your cheek,
your hand upon my shoulder...
every sweet carress.
Your soft kisses across my shoulders drive my mind insane,
your breath against my ear- so warm...
Slowly, our lips meet,
and we begin to kiss.
letting every touch be felt.

And with every shared breath,
emotion flowed in-
Like an ocean wave
crashing against the shore,
Stronger, and deeper
than the moment before.
And with every touch between us-
every second another spark
Making the flames rise,
burn higher, and hotter...
The pounding of our hearts,
an exasperating scream from within.
Overflowing with emotion,
begging for more,
wanting to be closer...

And for a brief moment, we stop-
our eyes locked in a gaze.
Communicating silently
our deepest thoughts.
Never a word spoken-
but every thought felt.

The invitation sent through our eyes,
and accepted by our hearts...
This secret place
our ballroom.
The beating of our hearts,
the music.
And the burning embers within,
our light...
I take your hand,
as you take mine-
And we begin
the Eternal Dance...
The raging fires within us
combine to burn as one-
The intertwinement
of heart, mind, body, and soul