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Echoes of sweet whispers drift across my stormy sky
fading into the darkness of shadows

I cry out in a language all but forgotten to you
still my voice goes unheard through the winds of chaos in your mind

The flames of my heart burn low this chilled night
crimson tears dripping down choking the fire within
burning pools of pain

Enchanted memory fades in and out
like a warm ocean tide upon my body
emotion flooding over me then flushing away leaving an emptiness behind

Was it only a dream that I reached you
kissed you and held you close to my heart
danced upon silver clouds of the starlit sky?

I am lost between realms
wandering upon seas of dreams and life
searching for a connection
a way to bind the two together

I will sail these seas as I always have
holding my memories as tight as I can
until the day I reach you or the day I drown

Your star will never fade from my heart...