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"In Dreams"

In dreams my soul slips far away
through the veils of reality
over golden fields and evergreens

I fly

Toward a secret place
only I know where to find
where the waterfalls help to clear my mind

Above in midnight sky the full moon shone so bright
blue light reflected on the earth
the stars beyond still dimly smile down
upon my hidden world within myself

Firefly magic flickers through surrounding trees
tiny faeries dancing to peaceful sounds
the waterfalls are raging over rocks to tranquil pools
I draw my fingers through the water 'round and 'round

But then a wind brushed by
gently through the trees
I looked above to see the shadows high
they moved in and out and twirled around like waves

And then I felt a presence by my side

For just a moment...
I thought I saw you there
your eyes staring deep into my own

I tried to touch you but you faded into the night
I called to you but you did not respond
but for a warmth I felt that I could not explain
a connection that I cannot overcome

I thought these dreams were only meant to be by own
but sometimes I wonder
am I not alone