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"Love- My Everything"


Love ain't easy...

Sometimes it's wonderful
like a dream come true

Sometimes it kills
like salt on an open wound

I live for it
I'd die for it

I breathe it
I taste it

I try to give it
in hope it will be given to me

As I love him
I need him to love me

With an inner bond
too strong to destroy
yet fragile enough to break

My everything rests in his eyes
on the will of his heart
on the strength of his devotion

But he pushes me away...

I break
I hurt
I lose part of myself
I lose him

I love him
when he is wonderful
I love him
even as he breaks my heart

For that is my devotion
my love for him
And it kills me inside
but what can I do

will it ever change?

Will he someday love me
as I love him?

Or will he walk away
without a hint
of what he was to me

What he has done to me
how much he has hurt me

Love can be so wonderful
or so cruel

But my heart needs it

For that
there is nothing I can do...