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       Alone on the edge of my dream, walking the fine line between love and reality like a tightwire. The wind is blowing like the start of a rainstorm, and the air freezes the tears on my face. There is no turning back now. I know, as much as my pounding heart wants to, there is no turning back.
    I have been blinded by the light of love that flashed before me, but slowly is flickering out like a dying candle. I cannot see what is below or above me, and I can only hope for what is ahead. There is such a pain in my heart, but I am at a loss for words to explain. I've already said what I could, and I don't know where to begin anymore.
    So here I stand, alone, on the edge of my dream. Wondering whether I should carry on and walk the tightwire, and hope that I reach a happy ending to this fairy tale; or if I should give up the fight and jump into the unknown below. I'm losing my balance already...