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    "Somebody please tell me to stop," cried she, never speaking a single word. Tears streamed down her face. She knew in her heart, now shredded by pain, that there was no stopping now; it had gone too far for her to turn back now. But still a tiny fragment of her mind hoped and begged for someone- a single person- to stand away from the crowd and to say and mean two words, a simple "I care". But not a sound was heard except for her sniffling.

    She sat on the cold floor in the center of a dark, empty room. The emptiness of the room echoed the emptiness inside of her. Although it was dark, she saw flashbacks of every moment of her young life. She saw the few moments of happiness- an odd collection of holidays, events, and friends long since gone. But painful memories seemed to  outweigh the happy ones- fear, rejection, losses, lonliness... These memories made her cry even harder, and for the first time she realized the dagger she had been clenching had cut into her hands.   At this point, almost all the happy memories she ever had, vanished.   

   She recalled yet another memory. She remembered the first and last chance she had at love. Such a bitter game. Although this memory was old, she still felt her shattered heart fall to the ground. Perhaps she'd tried too hard to make something work that was not meant to be. She didn't know, she didn't care anymore. She only knew that she held a dagger in her shaking hands pointed at her aching heart, and there was no turning back.  No one heard her as she screamed in pain and relief.

   She thought maybe he'd be able to stop her, but his presence was only a memory- a dream dared to be dreamt that had never come true. The memory disappeared with her fading life, and she whispered a faint "Goodbye" that no one ever heard.