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"Secrets Within"


The candles flicker on the walls
tiny shadows dancing in the light
Incense of rose fills the air
its aphrodisia pulling me in

Sending whispers on the wind
My heart is calling seeking him
The one tangled deeply within it's desires
intensely fueling the fire

Pleading, I cry out loud
to be loved by you
To be held and touched
to feel your true and unbounded ecstasy

My eyes want desperately
to gaze into yours
To have you stare deep within them
please show me what you see

I  shutter as I dream of your lips reaching mine
kissing me breathless
Softly and deeply
I fall into your spell

The heat of your mouth as you move across my neck
driving me to sweet madness
To feel you bite and scratch
would send chills down my spine and waves between my thighs

My skin aches to be touched by you
To feel your fingers brush against my cheek
I dream you kiss my head and toes
and everywhere in between

My body begs to feel yours close
lying next to me
I would let you take me any way you want
if I could have you inside of me

My mind seeks your wisdom
a mysterious guiding light
With the key to open doors
never before unlocked

To explore the realms together
To unlock the secrets within
To find new realms of pleasure
beyond our wildest whim