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To anyone in the world who might bother to care:

   The room is brightly lit but I can only see darkness. I feel as if I'm surrounded by a cell that has no window or door. There's no way out. My cell has no floor; only a ceiling that seems to push me farther down into the bottomless pit. I'm falling, falling... and there's no way to stop.
   I know there are people outside my cell. I can hear them talking, singing, laughing. They know I'm here, but they laugh at me. They won't free me. They hear my crying, but they ignore me. Does anybody care?
   Time has slipped away from me. I've lost any feeling of happiness; all that remains is a numbness that haunts me. I used the last of my voice screaming for help. Everything I had is gone. Life is an endless void traveling into oblivion.
   But now I see a way out. There is a bottom to this cell after all. It is pitch black, but I can see the reflection of pain and anger in the metal of infinite daggers. These daggers glisten with my blood.