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"The Sunrise above the Ocean"



The vibrant colors dance atop the water,
seductively challenging me to survive

Days roll by like the waves on the ocean
constantly changing, evolving

Yet all I can do is sit on the shoreline
afraid to get my toes wet, fearing I'll drown

As numb to this world as the day I was born,
I cower from the dizziness and confusion

Questions without answers, overpowering emotions
spinning uncontrollably through my mind like a tornado

My only happiness is the beauty
of the sun's colorful dance

The promise of another day
another chance

Sometimes the waves seem so tranquil
for just a moment

And I'll get the strength to fight my fear
to see what treasures are hidden within this vast ocean

But every time I get close to the water's edge
the tide rises~ pushing me away again

Will I ever learn to swim
or will the force of the tide keep me alone on this beach forever

Another question to contemplate
to keep me lost inside myself...

Sunset has come again
another day has passed

Maybe tomorrow
the sunrise above the ocean will bring calmer waters

And peace to my mind