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"My Wings"


I wish that I had learned to fly
through silver clouds and moonlit sky
With feathered wings spread open wide
to cross the seas and countryside

In search of an angel I would glide along
within my heart his sacred song
Though  he may choose to drift afar
For him I'd search the farthest star

And when we came finally face to face
our wings would wrap in warm embrace
Lost deep with our eyes we'd see
the answers to our questions be

With no fear I would dance with thee
the dance of love eternally
With wings forever now unbound
never again to drag the ground

To finally feel so strong and free
my former self departed me
Oh how I wish that this would be
more than just mere fantasy

But still my heart remains unfreed
for all my wings can do is bleed
Tattered feathers ripped and torn
my wings are broken, my heart is worn

But yet my mind still drifts away
dreaming of a better day
When finally I may learn to fly
through silver clouds and moonlit sky