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Freebies/Samples/Grocery Coupons/Pay-to-surf/Rewards programs

These are all of the sites I use and recommend!!! It's a real pain in the butt trying to track down coupons without getting all the misc. hoopla on the search as well, same goes for freebies and samples! These are the best places I've found for them, along with some of the best pay-to-surf programs and rewards programs out there. Please do me a favor and click through the links below so I get credit for the referral-or if it asks you for referral name put shyshade or every little bit helps ya know :)


Coupons- places that offer free coupons (not just links to other coupon sites) Printable coupons I never find a whole lot here, it's mostly an online store coupon site- but there's a few printable grocery ones.
Smartsource                        U-pons Internet Coupons
Safeway Stores Upons        Kroger/Fry's Stores Upons
These four are all run by the same company, but tend to have different coupons available- you can select coupons from all four every week. Sent through snail mail.
Custom Coupons:
Click on your local paper, although I think you can have them sent anywhere. Sent through snail-mail.
Valupage - not coupons  but it will save you money on groceries by rewarding you with "WebBucks"- which translates to cash off anything except liquor and cigarettes on your next  shopping trip to that store. Ebates: Basically, you print out a list of stuff you're going to buy, you send them that form and the register receipts and they send you a check. 
Nesteggz: I haven't used it yet, but what this company offers is a printable coupon that has .10 off a product, then after you purchase it and the store sends them the coupon back, they deposit a larger amount into your account.  
Multi-sectioned sites (freebies, recipes, samples, coupon info)
Slightly jumbled, but if you look in the posting boards you can find stuff. See my tips and tricks section below.

Rewards Programs (earn points for shopping, surfing, answering questions) Some good for cash, others for gift certificates!

TreasureSurfing MemoLink

Pay-To-Surf Programs (programs that put a little bar on you screen, and in exchange for your browsing information, they provide cash)

Epipo- One of the best I've used. Occasional ad pop-ups to make sure you're still there, but it's not so bad. Pays decent too. Spedia- pays good, although the fact that they auto-change your homepage to theirs isn't so hot



1. If you want a certain brand, check their website.
    A lot of times companies will post coupons on the site or offer them to you by filling in a form.
2. You can try doing a search... use several search engines and don't be surprised if you get a lot of miscellaneous junk concerning peoples  
     coupon posts and coupon warehouses.
3. You can get into trading with folks too, but be wary... a lot of people will scam you =( Try the Yes-Its-Free Boards...  I've been on there for 
    quite a while now and the folks there for the most part are honest and very friendly.
4. Consider the fact that you probably have made at least one complaint to a company you've been  upset with. Now, remember this:
    Companies really appreciate hearing your compliments too, and often times will reward you for telling them! Try this with restaurants too =)
    I've had good success with it...

Rewards Programs:

1. First off, make a hotmail account or two that you can use for *junk mail*. A lot of the things you sign up to try will send you emails as part of
    the deal, and they can really reek havoc on your normal email address.
2.Another reason to do the above is this: Many of the programs will offer points for the same companies. By having multiple email accts, you can
   register yourself under a seperate address for each Reward Program, and you'll be able to earn points for each one that offers the same thing.
   One little note here: Don't try to sign up multiple addys to the same program. They can track that sometimes and if they catch you they'll
   cancel all of your accounts and you'll lose anything you've earned.
3. Remember what I said about complaining to/complimenting a company? There's a few services out there that allow you to type up an email
    and have it sent to the company. You can earn points on the rewards sites for doing it through their link. Kill two birds with one stone!