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"I remember now. I remember how it started.
I can't remember yesterday, I just remember doing what they
told me...told me...told me..."


Aug 2004: Well well well...after god only knows how long I've decided this place needs a little updating. I've been in a bit of a rut lately, and amidst my aimless wanderings I thought maybe I should do something useful- so expect to see some new stuff on this site sometime soon.

Who am I?
Do you really want to know? Do you care?  Does anyone?
Perhaps that's the answer I'm searching for as well... it's a mystery.

    My name is Shadow. It's not my given name, nor do the few who know me physically call me by it (not that I haven't wished they would). I chose this name for several reasons, none of which I will explain here. Though through reading the majority of this site you may gain a little insight to it if you were curious enough to want to know.
     The person who lives here is not the person you might meet by chance in passing. This is my sanctuary- you have simply come across a window to it. It lies open for you to see, yet still a veil shrouds the being. I am still safe here.... 

Where Am I?:

    I currently reside in the burning depths of a desert town. I  ended up here not by choice, and if I had a chance I would certainly leave. Not that there isn't some things desirable here, it's just I prefer to reside in an area northeast from here, where there are autumns of beauty and nights of peaceful winter's snow. I'd be much happier curled up by a raging fire than being burned by the sun.

Things Shadow Likes:

    Music- an eclectic mix of many sounds. Primarily I listen to rock bands.. which as far as I'm concerned is a large genre that consists of anything from 70's to 80's glam to thrash metal- makes it easier then actually going down the line with every single sub-speciesl!! Bands I listen to include: Crimson Glory, Queensr˙che, Ps˙co Drama, Dream Theater, Poison, White Lion, Def Leppard, Metallica, W.A.S.P., Skid Row, Megadeth, Great White, Journey, Pink Floyd, etc. etc. (you get the idea) I have a Crimson Glory site as well, check it out if you like.
    On occasion I can be found listening to anything from blues to jazz to 80's post modern, to 80's dance/pop, to Enya, to Kenny G! Not enough info? There's an inventory in  my music section;  click on the notes on the bottom.


 I'm also an animal lover- cats in particular. I have a large collection of tigers, and Tiggers (cause Tiggers are *wonderful* things) I'm very fond of the artwork of  Schimmel and Charles Fracé- both excellent animal artists.

More Things Shadow Likes:

Monsoonal Thunderstorms
Lightning of above-mentioned Thunderstorms
Sunsets that spread like fire across the sky
Full moonlit nights with billowing clouds overshadowed with the blue light
Writing twisted little thought dribble
Egyptian mythology (any place that worships a cat goddess has my vote)
Ankhs~ I wear one around my neck most of the time
Roller Coasters/Thrill Rides... whatever... hang me upside down and spin me around- works for me :::grin:::
"Sparklies"~ Watch "The Secret of NIMH" and you'll understand...
Fire :) Preferably of the fireplace or campfire type... 
   it's hard to roast a marshmallow over a building :)
Candles.... lots and LOTS of candles- 
   also hard to roast marshmallows over, without getting soot on em
Marshmallows (surprised?)
Cooking and Baking (if you're nice I might make you cookies)
Freebies and coupons
Coupons for free things :)
Black Lights
Red Lights(not traffic ones)
Blue Lights(not at K-mart)
Glow in the Dark paint
Cartoons- where did all the *good* ones go?? I turn on the TV and there's that little yellow demon-bunny, or Dexter... every stinkin time!!! What's up with that?? More of this in my gripe section when/if I set it up.
Locking myself in the house, well not really, but it's where I am most of the time... kinda like my own dungeon
Air conditioning that actually works
Blue Juice(aka Berry Blue Kool-aid)
Screaming, if I have a good reason... haha
Good stories that make me want to be wherever the story is
Castles in the Sky
Silver and Marcasite 
Snowball fights/water fights/food fights (well, depends what kind of food and when)
Walking through graveyards to look at the headstones
Anyone who could expand my mind, explain the purpose of existence
  or figure my mind out... any takers? Good luck :)
Spending ungodly amounts of time with my eyes attached to a computer screen
to be continued....


There are lots of things I don't like too.
 But I haven't made a list of them... yet. Maybe soon...