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~*~Shadow's Poetry Corner & Miscellaneous Thought Dribble~*~


My moods trip from one extreme to another, generally resting upon a low.
So if you're not the type who likes the gushy romantic stuff, and/or *suicide on paper*
(or in this case *on screen*) You may not want to continue here.
 But...if you're still interested ... welcome...
you enter a realm of Shadow's that  not many have ever bothered to see...

Only a partial list... more to come. Also not in any particular order... I unfortunately never made it a point to date my writings.



 The Shadow
(this is sort of my namesake poem)

Shadow's Dance

The Rainbow

In My Restless Sleep

Love Gone Lost


Falling Into the Unknown


The Secret

Candle Spell

Love- My Everything


Beloved Angel



The Sunrise Above the Ocean


Two Hearts

The Eternal Dance

From Inside

Sadness and Loneliness

For a Friend

Lullaby Tears

Currently Untitled:
  1  2 
3 4


In Dreams



Morning Memory

Secrets Within
(this ones a teeny little bit graphic- just a heads up)



My Wings

Deep Inside(Exile)

Nothing Left

A few things written for someone who I fell in love with...





Some stuff I like to call thought dribble; ie not poems but not short stories either... 
just kinda stuff that came out at the moment...

Tightwire   Too Late 

Nothing like a teenage suicide note- relax- this was actually done as a writing exercise for a friend- she needed something creative for her g&t class.


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